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Microsoft Excel is one program that permeates offices across the workforce. From finance and engineering to education and marketing, the spreadsheet reigns supreme. Considering the fact that it’s used by an estimated 750 million people around the world, it’s safe to say this program isn’t going anywhere. 
In fact, it makes sense to learn the ins and outs of the world’s most popular spreadsheet program. It can boost your resume, help you land a promotion or new job, and even make your existing workload more manageable. With The All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle, you can learn all the features and intricacies that make it an office mainstay.
These ten courses will take your skills from beginner to advanced level. Whether you’re new to Excel or have some experience, dive in with a highly-rated refresher course on functions and formatting, plus an intro to Power Query and techniques for tweaking macros. You’ll also learn to create PivotTables, the crucial tool that calculates and analyzes data so you can identify trends and patterns.  
There’s industry-specific intel here, too. One of the main benefits of Excel is its efficiency, and if you work in HR, you’ll experience that first-hand as you learn to automate repetitive processes and use dedicated functions to solve real-life business problems. 
Having a strong foundation in the advanced-level functionalities will pay off. Sharpen your analytical skills with a guide on Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), covering basic DAX syntax, as well as the most powerful data modeling functions users love. Another example is the 4.6-star course on Microsoft Power BI Desktop (the company’s popular business intelligence platform), which will help you save even more time using Excel. 
Companies big and small, local and international, rely on Microsoft Excel for everyday tasks. Not to mention that the company as a whole is dedicated to making major advances. Join the party with expert knowledge from this heavily-discounted course bundle.
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