For National Nutrition Month, registered dietitian nutritionist and cookbook author Maya Feller shared her tips for eating well sustainably, while stressing that access to healthy goods varies for different communities and cultures. 
"Some people can get access to affordable nutritious food that's culturally relevant while others can't," she said. "With that said, eating more plants is one way to think about sustainability."
But eating plants need not be boring, she added. "The great thing is that you can have plants in so many forms: Canned, jarred, boxed, frozen dry all work." 
However, "what's healthy for me may not be what's healthy for you," she said. "What I usually say to the person who's looking to repair that relationship with food is: what does healthy look like for you, what are the things that you can actually add to your plate on a regular and consistent basis? What are the things that are affordable, accessible, culturally relevant instead of thinking about what to restrict?"