CoinList is an initial coin offering platform that enables token sales. The ICO platform is helping to vet future cryptocurrencies and bring them to market legally.

Andy Bromberg is the CEO of CoinList. He explains the goal is to bring high-quality coins and crypto to market. In terms of what CoinList considers before working with a token sale, Bromberg says he looks for a number of things. CoinList looks at the team, at the value of the tech, if they are pursuing a compliant sale and running it in a sound legal matter, and if the team is holding themselves accountable.

Bromberg says Bitcoin is like the gold of cryptocurrencies. Fundamentally it has advantages over gold. Bitcoin will always have a value and use case as the market of the industry.

His advice to investors is to understand your risk profile. Any crypto investment is a risky one as the entire industry is less than a decade old. If you are excited and bullish on the space as a whole, Bromberg encourages investing in Ethereum.