Could Spotify Start to Look Like Netflix and Hulu?

March 5, 2018
Updated 8mo ago

Spotify could soon look a lot like Netflix and Hulu, according to DJ and Entrepreneur Mick Batyske, with exclusive content not available on other platforms.

“What we’re going to start to see is more artists working directly with the streaming platform,” instead of going through traditional record labels, he said in an interview on Cheddar Monday.

“As the marketing arms of these streaming platforms continue to increase and they’re able to do more and more’re going to find less and less of a need for labels,” said Batyske.

On the flip side, “There are going to be people who are new and up-and-coming...that are going to need the help,” Batyske added.

Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform, filed last week to directly list shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

Although the company’s subscriber numbers are impressive, it is tangled up in several legal battles from artists and labels for infringing copyright laws, which is something Spotify will have to figure out going forward.

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