Money shouldn't have any influence on politics. Represent.Us, the nation's largest grassroots anti-corruption campaign, is looking to make sure corruption is eradicated from America's political system. Josh Silver, Founder & Director of Represent.Us, joined us to share why he feels corruption is a major problem hurting real Americans every day.

Silver breaks down where he sees the most corruption. He points out that 86% of congressional races are uncompetitive because politicians use gerrymandering to repel competition. Silver also says that primary elections remain competitive, but since the most extreme voters are the ones that turn out for them, politicians are stuck appeasing them.

A recent survey by anti-corruption organization Transparency International showed Americans seem to worry more about corruption than most other nations do. The results revealed that American concern with corruption is comparable to the level in Pakistan and El Salvador. Silver points out people are aware of what he calls a broken system and says reform is underway.