Rob Glickman, Chief Marketing Officer at data management company Treasure Data, joins Cheddar to discuss how the Krack attack impacts every single connected device in the world. He says the good news is that this vulnerability was discovered a few months ago, and vendors are already working to fix it. He explains this vulnerability is called the "man-in-the-middle." This means that the bad guy (or hacker) needs to be on the same wi-fi network as you, so the chances of it impacting you personally are slim. Rob says the most important thing everyone needs to do is to make sure their software is updated on their phones and computers. The challenge for consumers is that they need to use common sense and buy good products from trusted brands. Every consumer needs to think about security every time they purchase a connected device. He also discusses how businesses are taking advantage of IoT-logged data to gain a competitive edge. He hopes in the future companies will share data with each other, even with competitors, so everyone can be safe from vulnerabilites and hacks.