When it comes to male-dominated industries, it's hard to think of a bigger boys' club than the NFL. It's something SMAC Entertainment co-founder and CEO Constance Schwartz-Morini knows a lot about. She spent a decade as a marketing and branding exec before becoming the NFL's director of entertainment and television programming. Today, she's using those lessons to build a thriving production, development, and management company. As to how she climbed to the top of the NFL's corporate ladder, Schwartz-Morini says, "I think we're all still breaking through the boys' club." She says she looked to her mom as a role model who told her, "If you claim it, it's yours." Then, she tells us about making the transition into building her own business. The exec explains that while it's important to start focusing on building a brand early in an athlete's career, she stresses that their craft is the most important thing. Finally, we get Schwartz-Morini's take on the NFL's ongoing National Anthem controversy. She says the league needs to find a place to meet in the middle, saying it's important that all athletes have the right to make their voices heard. She also calls Colin Kaepernick's appearance on the cover of GQ "amazing."