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Barely a year ago, video conferencing was done once in a blue moon, but it’s become one of our primary methods for communicating. As such, you should create an environment that exudes a sense of professionalism within your video calls. We have some pointers that can help, but we understand that not everyone can control the environment they conference in.
For example, your home office may have poor lighting or a messy background that you’d rather not show your colleagues. You might also have roommates or family who will appear in your video calls uninvited. If you need a powerful tool to spruce up your backgrounds, XSplit VCam can help, and right now lifetime subscriptions are just $19.99.
XSplit VCam is an easy-to-use app that allows you to replace your background without a fancy green screen or expensive lighting equipment. It’s compatible with popular streaming software like OBS and Streamlabs, as well as video chat platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts; all you have to do is open the program of your choice and select XSplit VCam as your video source. 
From the XSplit VCam app, you can apply a virtual background for polished presentations or work interviews. Alternatively, you can spice things up with meme-y backgrounds when you’re having a virtual party with friends. Finally, you can adjust a blur slider to give your video output a DSLR or Portrait Mode effect. 
Whether you’re looking for a professional background for work or something more laid back for game streaming, XSplit VCam is the perfect tool to optimize your webcam experience. Don’t just take our word for it: Productivity Land gave XSplit VCam high marks due to its ease of use, features, customer support, and more. Subscribe today and save 59% on a lifetime plan that normally costs $49.