Jon Steinberg sits down with Herb Scannell, CEO of Mitu, at the WPP STREAM conference in Ojai, California. Mitu is a Latin-focused, English-first entertainment site. Scannell explains that since many Latinos were actually born in the U.S. they want their online content to be in English but capture their culture at the same time. He wants Mitu to be to Latinos what Def Jam was for the African American community. He says that Hollywood doesn't tell the stories of Latinos. He cites that in the past 40 years there have maybe been three major shows focused around Latinos, with "I Love Lucy" being the most popular. He's trying to change the narrative and get Latin-focused stories out on the internet. Mitu creates revenue from branded entertainment, licensing deals, and events. It's mainly focused on the telecom, retail, fast food, and media industries. Its goal is to give Americans an authentic take on the Latino culture.