Sometimes the first impression someone has of you is from researching your profiles and news of you online. Making a good first impression is always critical, which is why BrandYourself has been working since 2012 to help people take control of their online identity.

The CEO of BrandYourself, Patrick Ambron, joins Cheddar to explain their unique products. BrandYourself recently launched a new product that uses machine learning technology to accurately flag risk factors that could hurt a person's career and job opportunities. Sometimes they are posts that you can delete, and then the problem is solved. But if it is a post that you don't have control over, BrandYourself can help you tweak your Google profile and analytics so it is not prioritized and does not come up towards the top of search results.

A number of years ago, the company was on the popular investment show Shark Tank and turned down a $2 million investment. When asked about their decision to turn down Shark Tank, because of hindsight Ambron says he feels they made the right decision. Overall, Ambron says the experience was a positive one and provided great exposure.