Leading a team at work is an exciting opportunity if given the chance, but can have some challenges along the way. Chester Elton, Author of "The Best Team Wins", and Jason Feifer, Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur joins This Changes Things to discuss how to lead the best team possible.

Elton says now more than ever leaders are faced with leading a team of multiple generations. You have millennials, Gen X'ers and baby boomers in the same room, working on the same projects. He says leaders need to realize that each individual person needs to be treated in a separate way. You can no longer treat the group as one. Each person has a different style of leading they need to see from their manager.

Plus, how can leaders help achieve productivity within their team? Feifer says that people want to be heard and they want to feel validated. Leaders need to lean on that emotional side of managing and establish a good set of "soft skills." Those skills could include establishing clear plans and goal, sharing information transparently and recognizing team accomplishments.