eHarmony uses top technologies like machine learning to create matches and potential dates for users based on a compatibility questionnaire. Alyssa Julya Smith went to the company's headquarters in Los Angeles to chat with head of engineering Prateek Jain to find out how the company does it and what sets eHarmony apart from other dating sites.

Jain explains that eHarmony uses a three step process. The first process is the basics of what you want, the second is eHarmony's "secret sauce" which is compatibility matching, and the third is machine learning.

He explains that machine learning allows the site to understand a users likes and dislikes as you increasingly interact with the site and show your preferences based on your activity. He says it's not just about compatibility, but also what you like and prefer.

Finally, Jain talks about what eHarmony is doing to innovate the dating industry. He talks about tools that machine learning is revealing that will allow the site to help users put forward their best selves.