Creed III hits theaters Friday, and soon audiences will be getting a big-screen view of stars Michal B. Jordan and Jonathan Major's incredible boxer physiques. 
Celebrity trainer Corey Calliet stopped by Cheddar News studio to talk about his process for getting both Majors and Jordan in tip-top shape for the big face-off. 
He explained that the more-intensive workout routines begin about 90 days before shooting, and usually involve two workouts per day — though it does differ depending on the person. 
For Jordan, who directs and stars in the series' third installment, it's old-hat. 
"It's kind of one of the situations where he knows what we have to do. I know what to do to make him do it, and we get it done."
There was more of a learning process with Majors, but luckily the actor is a "machine," according to Calliet.  "He's disciplined. If I told him if I told him to crawl five miles, he probably would crawl five miles." 
While Calliet stressed that it's hard work to look like a movie star, he said it's still possible for normal people, which is why he's launching his own fitness app. 
"If you can build consistency, just doing something every day, it's obtainable," he said. 
He added that it usually takes around 21 days to start seeing results. 
Check out the video below for a sampling of Calliet's program.