Imagine cutting your grocery bill in half and not wasting any food during the week. Erin Chase, Founder of $, joins Your Cheddar to discuss how to make that possible. She says the key is to meal-prep your week. Know your schedule and figure out which nights you want to cook and which ones you want to splurge a little on takeout. Every time you walk into a grocery store, it's like gearing up for battle! Chase says there are traps all around the aisles. She urges people to watch out for pretty displays as they walk in...they may seem like a deal, but the company is paying to have its products displayed so prominently. Ultimately the consumer will pay for it. Plus, if there is a bakery in the grocery store or a florist, don't fall for the enticing smell! Go to the store with a list and stick with it. Chase notes that meal-kits such as Blue Apron and HelloFresh aren't budget-friendly for a family. They actually cost more per meal than grabbing a pizza or drive-thru. However, she says if you are a single person who wants to explore cooking then maybe they would benefit you.