There were many concerns over the iPhone X's facial ID technology when Apple made the big announcement of the new phone back in September. Now those concerns may be coming to light. Michael Simon, Staff Writer at PCWorld, joins Cheddar to discuss how a Vietnamese cybersecurity firm was able to create a mask to hack into someone's iPhone X using the facial recognition. The security firm, Bkav, said it was able to make the mask out of a 3D printing, makeup, and photo images. Simon has some qualms about the mask, citing that he's not sure how many "takes" Bkav needed before capturing an instance where it successfully unlocked the phone. He says if they tried it numerous times before filming, Apple ID could have learned the depth of the mask and that's why it unlocked the phone. Apple has yet to respond, and Simon thinks it's because the company wants to see if this is actually a legitimate concern. Bkav company should be holding a press conference soon, and Apple will take it from there. Simon believes the firm just wanted a little publicity, and this may end up being a stunt.