After Andrew Bentley's son was born, he took off time to be the baby's primary caretaker. Once he realized how much he enjoyed taking care of his son full-time, and also how few options there were in the paternity sector, he decided to become a dad-trepreneur. This is how and why he launched "Father Figure," the first paternity clothing and product line for men. Father Figure has clothing, including shirts with loops for your stylish burp rag, denim dad shirts, and more. Bentley was recently featured on Shark Tank to pitch his company. Although none of the sharks struck a deal with Bentley, the founder said he learned a lot from his time on the show. For one, the program gave his product a ton of exposure. It also opened Father Figure up to more consumers and consumer insight. Now, Andrew Bentley is doing more research among millennial dads, and looking to develop new products. He has already started to develop a swaddle, and wants to partner with companies to brand the swaddle for paternity leaves. Overall, he says there are challenges with being a full-time dad, entrepreneur, and retail developer, but he's enjoying them all.