By Amanda Weston

After an award-winning career as a top name sportscaster, Dan Patrick is preparing the next generation to take on the industry in partnership with Full Sail University.

"It's the most competitive job field I think in America," Patrick told Cheddar Tuesday. "Because everybody sits there and goes 'I'd like to do it' or 'I could do it.'"

But it's not quite so easy to develop the skills required to be a good modern sportscaster.

"I think you have to have knowledge, curiosity," Patrick said. "I think you have to have a willingness to be well-read. You can't just accept what somebody says. Don't be afraid to establish a source. Have fun with it. Nobody wants to hear you're having a bad day when you're a sportscaster. Be able to write. Be able to speak. Be able to stand up in front of somebody. Can you talk about something for five minutes, on your own? Those are the things, because a lot of this is live."

Patrick is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting at Full Sail University. Creating the bachelor's degree program took about five years of preparation ー from finding the right teachers to developing the curriculum.

Patrick visits the Florida campus four times a year, reviewing videotapes and making adjustments to the program if necessary.

"I thought it'd be a great legacy to be able to teach students how to do this with the great teachers and the backing of Full Sail University, and you send them into the workforce," Patrick said.

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