By Mike Teich

A sweeping data privacy bill has been approved in California, but it may be too late for internet users to protect their information, said former National Counterterrorism Center officer Dave White.

"You have to consider yourself compromised," he said. "You’ve already given your data away."

Experts are calling it the nation's most far-reaching law to give consumers more control over their personal data. Under the law, customers can request what personal data companies have collected and what third parties have received it.

The passing of the historical bill didn't come without criticism. The ACLU of Northern California said the legislation falls "woefully short" in defending individuals' rights.

"It's a great first step," White said. However, “it doesn’t go far enough."

Companies that collect user data, from Amazon to Microsoft to Uber, lobbied aggressively against the law, pouring millions into a opposition campaigns.

But consumer advocates called it a milestone victory. "Today was a huge win and gives consumer privacy advocates a blueprint for success," James P. Steyer, CEO and founder of Common Sense Media. "We look forward to working together with lawmakers across the nation to ensure robust data privacy protections for all Americans."

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