Actor David Henrie is gearing up for his directorial debut in the new film This Is The Year, set to premiere on Friday. Henrie told Cheddar he hopes this "feel good, coming-of-age teen movie" can lift people's spirits.
"I'm not out to win an Oscar. We're out to win smiles," he said. "It'll give you all the nostalgic feels but at the same time, it's done in a modern-day setting."
The film is also creating the reunion every Gen Z Disney fan wants to see, as Henrie links up with former Disney co-star, singer Selena Gomez. The pair starred in the Disney sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place from 2007 to 2012. 
"She really responded to the feel-good positive message of this film and how empowering it is for women," Henrie said.
Henrie was also able to work with his brother, actor Lorenzo James Henrie, for the first time. Lorenzo Hernie is best known for his role in the spin-off TV series Fear the Walking Dead. 
While the coronavirus pandemic has upended plans for a traditional premiere, Henrie said this year's event gives fans a unique opportunity.
"No one gets to go to the premiere with the actors, so we're doing it virtually. You're essentially coming to the premiere with me, Selena, and the cast," he said.
For David Henrie, completing this film and premiering it, even amid the pandemic-related complications, is a personal triumph and one he's been aiming for since the start of his career.
"I got into this business to make an impact and be an entertainer. And getting to go behind the camera and craft the narrative was an absolute blessing," Henrie said.
Tickets for the virtual premiere include a pre-show party, film viewing, a Q&A after-party, and a live performance.