By Rebecca Heilweil

David Spade says his new Comedy talk show, "Lights Out With David Spade" will be focused on everything but politics.

"No politics, that's the big sales pitch here. Because there are a lot of people doing it well. 'The Daily Show.' Kimmel does it. Colbert. Fallon does some. These guys are all great," Spade told Cheddar. "So, in talking to Comedy Central, I said 'what if there's a 'no politics' show?' Just straight comedy. Just straight old school, the way I do it on my Instagram. The way I am in real life. The way I am on talk shows."

Spade's show comes in a time of a flurry of such shows offering a hybrid of comedy and current events, such as Samantha Bee's "Full Frontal," Hasan Minhaj's "Patriot Act," and Jordan Klepper's "the Opposition."

"I sort of stay in my lane. Now that doesn't mean everyone has to," said Spade. "Sometimes I say something and people say 'shut the f**k up, who cares what you think?'"

The format will include a panel of comedians commenting on the day's news, but won't, Spade says, feature many interviews. "Lights Out" will follow "The Daily Show" in the evening slot.

The show is the comedian's second time around on the network. Between 2005 and 2007, Spade had a weekly program called "The Showbiz Show" that satirized celebrity news.