More superheroes do not always equal more money at the box office. "Justice League" proved that with an underwhelming opening week in theaters. Cinemablend's Sean O'Connell joins us to break down where it all went wrong for the highly-anticipated blockbuster. He says the movie was meant to set up future franchises for DC, but now, he says those decisions might not look so good. Next, we discuss Disney animation chief John Lasseter's decision to take a leave from the studio amid "missteps." O'Connell breaks down the vague allegations and the studio's history of "boys' club" tendencies. The studio has released nineteen movies, only one of which was co-directed by a woman. Actress and writer Rashida Jones says the Pixar culture influenced her decision to leave "Toy Story 4" amid claims Pixar mistreats women and minorities. Finally, we look ahead with a Thanksgiving box office preview. This weekend will see "Coco," "Darkest Hour," and "Call Me By Your Name" open in theaters. O'Connell says it's been a strange year at the box office with few critics' picks standing out as awards contenders.