Derek Jeter's Media Platform on Facebook's New News Feed

January 17, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

Facebook's decision to change what posts are featured in users' news feeds has some media publishers worried their content won't reach the intended audience.

But the CEO of a platform founded by Derek Jeter thinks the new algorithms will actually benefit his company.

"We are a super high quality, premium publisher of very insightful stories that people want to talk about and people want to share with their friends," said Jeff Levick, chief executive at The Players' Tribune.

"I think that's exactly what the intention behind the Facebook change is meant to be. It's to favor and encourage real authentic, thoughtful content that resonates with their audience."

Facebook last week announced it would stop emphasizing content from third-party publishers and brands, instead focusing on posts shared by friends and family.

And Levick thinks posts on The Players' Tribune fit that bill.

The site, which started in 2014, allows professional athletes to create videos, podcasts, and text articles themselves and share that content with their fans.

NBA star Kevin Durant took to the platform in 2016 to announce he was leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for Golden State. And Isaiah Thomas debuted his own docu-series on the platform in November.

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