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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Friday, July 22, 2022:


The House Select Jan. 6 Committee accused former President Donald Trump of “dereliction of duty” in the panel's eighth public hearing and the final one expected this summer. The panel meticulously examined Trump’s inactions for three hours, from the end of his "Stop the Steal" rally, held to support his false contention that he won the 2020 election, through the subsequent riot at the Capitol. “For 187 minutes on Jan. 6, this man of unbridled destructive energy could not be moved,” Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson said in pre-recorded remarks after testing positive for Covid-19. Added Rep. Adam Kinzinger: “Donald Trump’s conduct on Jan. 6 was a supreme violation of his oath of office and a complete dereliction of his duty to our nation.” Check out all the details: CHEDDAR NEWS
A video of President Donald Trump is played at Thursday’s hearing. [AP Photo/Patrick Semansky]


President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid-19 and is experiencing “very mild symptoms,” according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who added that Biden, 79, has begun taking Paxlovid, an antiviral drug designed to reduce the severity of the disease. The POTUS reportedly has a runny nose and dry cough and is experiencing some fatigue, though he said in a video on Twitter that he is “doing well.” Biden, who is fully vaccinated and twice-boosted, will work in isolation at the White House until he tests negative. CHEDDAR NEWS
If he just wanted some alone time, we would have understood.


Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for New York governor, was uninjured in an attack Thursday night at a campaign stop near Rochester. Zeldin was speaking from the podium when a man jumped on stage and lunged at the candidate with what appeared to be a metal weapon. The suspect was detained by several people including Alison Esposito, GOP candidate for lieutenant governor. Zeldin then finished his speech. Fox News this morning reported that David G. Jakubonis, 43, of Fairport, N.Y., was charged with attempted assault and released on his own recognizance. NY POST


The House passed the Right to Contraception Act, which allows Americans to obtain and use contraceptives and protects the ability of healthcare providers to give their patients contraceptives. It’s another legislative response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, where Democrats seek to preemptively protect access to contraception ahead of potential future decisions from the conservative Supreme Court majority and efforts from some Republican lawmakers to restrict access. The measure faces an uphill battle in the Senate. CHEDDAR NEWS
This is Democrats’ Trojan horse for undermining the Supreme Court.


Former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane was sentenced to 2½ years in federal prison for his role in the murder of George Floyd. Lane and two other former officers were convicted in February for violating Floyd’s civil rights after they failed to offer medical aid to Floyd as he called out for air while under the knee of former officer Derek Chauvin. Prosecutors had requested a five-year sentence, but the judge said the Minneapolis Police Department was at fault for sending the rookie cop to the scene. The judge also said he had never received as many letters of support for a defendant as he did for Lane. CHEDDAR NEWS


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., introduced legislation to legalize cannabis at the federal level. The measure calls for a pot tax, a social justice component, and directives for the government to establish standards for drugged driving and FDA restrictions. Is it actually going to pass? We don't know, and industry experts aren't sure either. But everyone who supports legalizing weed seems to agree this is a step in the right direction. Chloe Aiello dug through the fine print so you don't have to. CHEDDAR NEWS


RIVIAN ROLLOUT: Amazon began making deliveries using Rivian electric vans. Chipping in on the fight against climate change, the e-commerce company said it expects to have “thousands” of Rivian EVs in more than 100 cities by the end of this year. If you live in Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Nashville, Tennessee, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle or St. Louis … expect to see Amazon EVs on the road soon. CNBC
HEALTHCARE ACQUISITION: A couple days ago, we covered Apple’s approach to healthcare. A day later, Amazon increased its own presence in the industry, acquiring primary healthcare provider One Medical for $3.9 billion, marking the company’s third biggest buyout behind Whole Foods at $13.7 billion and MGM at $8.45 billion. The acquisition gives Amazon ownership of One Medical’s app, 24/7 telehealth services and appointment-setting capabilities for its 188 medical offices and 767,000 members. THE VERGE
Dr. Bezos at your service!


It was a tough start to social media earnings season as Snap released its quarterly report, and it was not good. The parent company of Snapchat lost a quarter of its market share, saw slowing ad revenue, and is pulling back on hiring to prepare for a possible recession (or at least a broader economic slowdown). The stock tanked after the report was released, dragging other social media bigwigs, like Meta and Twitter, down with it. CHEDDAR NEWS


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a Facebook homepage revamp. When opening Facebook, you will now see the home tab divided into two. One tab helps users “discover” new content based on personalized recommendations. The other tab is for “feeds,” showing chronological posts from friends and pages you actually follow. Analysts say the new format appears to be a copycat of TikTok, whose main page contains “Following” and “For You” options similar to what Facebook just rolled out. THE VERGE
Nothing these social media companies do is ever truly “for you.”


The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., has announced its recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors. Actor George Clooney, rock band U2, singers Amy Grant and Gladys Knight, and composer Tania Leon will all be recognized for their lifetime contributions to the arts. The annual event, scheduled this year on Dec. 4, honors artists from around the world and raises funds to ensure that the living memorial to JFK remains open and accessible. Previous honorees have included Oprah Winfrey, Billy Joel, Robert De Niro, David Letterman, Sting and LL Cool J, among many others. CHEDDAR NEWS


The International Union for the Conservation of Nature added the monarch butterfly to its “red list” of threatened species and categorized it as “endangered,” putting it two steps from the dubious designation of "extinct." The IUCN estimates that the population in North America of the orange-and-black insect has declined between 22% and 72% over the past decade. But why? Experts attribute the decline to habitat destruction, pesticides used in agriculture, and dramatic weather events caused by climate change. CHEDDAR NEWS


An An, the world's oldest male giant panda in captivity, died yesterday at age 35 — the equivalent of 105 in human years. Due to deteriorating health, An An was humanely euthanized at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park where he resided. Ocean Park Chairman Paulo Pong said An An’s “cleverness and playfulness will be dearly missed,” and tributes online poured in from the millions who paid him a visit since An An was gifted to the park 23 years ago. CHEDDAR NEWS
The giant panda An An was 35 — or 105 in people years.
[AP Photo/Kin Cheung, file]

Yeezy Gap & Balenciaga, H.E.R. as Belle & Premios Juventud in P.R.

Here’s your chance to catch up on the biggest headlines in entertainment from yesterday! Cheddar News’ Lawrence Banton wrote about Ye, Gap and Balenciaga teaming up for a pop-up in Times Square, R&B star H.E.R. landing a leading role as Belle in ABC's live Beauty and the Beast special, and the 2022 Premios Juventud taking place in Puerto Rico last night. CHEDDAR NEWS
H.E.R. attended the 64th Annual Grammy Awards in Las Vegas in April.
(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)


Among the millions trapped in a heat wave? Check out these streaming shows and movies recommended by Cheddar News’ digital team. They pair up perfectly with an air-conditioned room. This week's picks include "Rap Sh!t" from Issa Rae, "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel," "Persuasion," "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" and our throwback this week, "Mean Girls." CHEDDAR NEWS
HBO Max's RAP SH!T drew a crowd at the series premiere in Los Angeles.
(FilmMagic/FilmMagic for HBO Max)


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