Will Goodman, Managing Editor of Rockets are Cool, joins Cheddar to discuss the extended funding SpaceX announced on Monday. This $100 million is in addition to the $350 million the company closed over the summer and brings its valuation to $21 billion. Goodman says the funds will be used to develop new technology and help get the "BFR" rocket off the ground and into space. As far as the company going public, Goodman says it's not happening anytime soon. But the launch of Falcon Heavy is just around the corner. Goodman predicts it will blast off sometime between December 21st and January 1st. Plus, did Elon Musk invent Bitcoin? A former SpaceX intern sure seems to think so. Sahil Gupta says he doesn't have any concrete evidence, but Musk is an expert of the coding language Bitcoin was written in. Goodman says he wouldn't be surprised if Musk did, but thinks it's pretty unlikely.