American Express Acquisition of Resy Means Tasty New Perks for Cardholders

Reservation software Resy is now a part of the American Express family.
"Part of the acquisition of Resy is to connect more emotionally with customers in something that they care about, which is dining," Chris Cracchiolo, senior vice president of global loyalty and benefits for Amex ($AXP) told Cheddar Tuesday. "As long as we do that consistently, we'll be good."
Resy's CEO Ben Leventhal says the acquisition will only help Resy deliver a better experience for its restaurant partners. Plus, Amex card members will get exclusive perks through Resy.
"I think what you can expect is more, better, faster. We know for restaurants, we can deliver on two axes. One is world class hospitality software. Two is more customers," Levanthal said. "On both fronts, being a part of American Express allows us to do more for them."
Apple, a multi-faceted partner of American Express, just launched its own credit card in the United States on Tuesday. Cracchiolo says the competition won't alter the companies' other relationships.
"We partner with Apple, and we'll continue to partner with Apple. They are a great partner of ours across a number of lines of business. That doesn't change," he said. "We've been in business for 169 years. There's always competition in this space, which is what makes it exciting."
Amex and Resy haven't disclosed the terms of the acquisition, but the way Levanthal described the experience, it sounded as if a few nice dinners were involved.
"There was sort of a dating and courtship period, and then we got a little more serious," he joked. "The companies think the same way."
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