Charlie Ergen, Co-Founder and Chairman of DISH Network joins Jon Steinberg at Denver Startup Week to discuss the current state of OTT platforms and its Sling TV platform. Ergen talks about his journey in launching Sling TV, which includes studying his kids' TV habits. He says DISH saw a space in the streaming market for live TV, which is why it put live content at the forefront of its platform. He discusses the à la carte aspect of Sling TV, and, how the idea originated from the way DISH Network used to sell its channels to viewers. And when it comes to content provider prices, Ergen says Sling TV has no problem taking down a network if its distribution price rises and is too high for his customers. He encourages Altice to "fight the good fight" against Disney, although he ultimately believes the two will come to an agreement. Plus, DISH has bought more spectrum than any other company. Ergen says he wants to make the cable provider a 21st century connectivity platform that's not all about making phone calls and streaming video. Disclosure: Sling TV is a distribution partner of Cheddar.