By Conor White

When Doctor On Demand began offering access to mental health professionals in 2014, the company's CEO Hill Ferguson knew the video-based telemedicine service was filling a need.

He couldn't have expected 240 percent growth in just four years. But it didn't surprise him either.

"There's just not enough doctors to go around to treat the patients that are out there," said Ferguson in an interview Thrusday on Cheddar. "And so our platform we knew would be a great fit for solving this problem because not only does it make access to a doctor much, much easier, it also addresses a lot of the stigma associated with mental health."

Doctor On Demand recently closed a $74 million series C round of financing, which will allow it to continue to grow its on-demand services.

"In this day and age we manage our entire lives on our phones, many of us are so busy we're doing everything on the go," said Ferguson. "Healthcare should be no different."

Doctor On Demand was founded in 2012, helping patients with a range of healthcare issues before branching out into mental health two years later.

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