Kristen Scholer, Hive editor Jon Kelly, and the VF Hive panel discuss the top five stories of the week in technology, politics in business. Nick Bilton reports on his story about Donald Trump's threats to devalue the social media platforms that gave him his rise.

Nick also weighs in on early Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya's assertion that social media is tearing society apart. Scholer, Kelly and Bilton discuss whether that's true, and whether Facebook and Twitter will reach an inflection point.

Hive panelist Bess Levin talks about the latest trouble in Trumpland, with commerce secretary Wilbur Ross being accused of insider trading. Abigail Tracy reports on her story about Nikki Haley's potential political ambitions in 2020.

T.A. Frank winds up the Hive 5 with his analysis of the recent Senate Special Election in Alabama. Frank and the panel discuss Roy Moore's defeat and unlikely victory for Democrat Doug Jones. They cover the potential for future Democratic victories in Alabama, as well as Charles Barkley's message to the state prior to the election.