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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Thursday, July 14, 2022:


Rescuers are desperately searching for about 40 people who are unaccounted for after flooding overcame a section of western Virginia Tuesday night. Swift-water rescuers and aerial surveyors were among the 20 rescue teams called in to scour Buchanan County, near the borders of Kentucky and West Virginia. Governor Glenn Youngkin issued a state of emergency for the region while the search continues, but so far there have been no deaths or injuries reported. WRIC


The consumer price index, a broad measure of everyday goods and services related to the cost of living, soared 9.1% from a year ago — growing at the fastest pace since 1981. Overall, prices rose 1.3% in June as shockwaves from the Russian invasion of Ukraine fuel a global energy crisis, though American gas prices dropped an average of 38 cents in the last month. Despite hitting a 40-year high, inflation might not have peaked yet. Cheddar News’ Alex Vuocolo reports how speculation has already begun over what the CPI report means for the Federal Reserve's plan to continue increasing its benchmark interest rate until inflation is tamed. CHEDDAR NEWS
The last time inflation was this high, this was America’s top song:


Netflix has selected Microsoft as its technology and sales partner for its ad-supported subscription plan. After years of resisting the move, Netflix announced earlier this year that it would introduce a lower-priced subscription plan with commercials. The streamer, which also interviewed Google and Comcast before choosing Microsoft, plans to roll out the new format before the end of 2022. The revenue-generating move comes after Netflix lost subscribers for the first time in a decade last quarter and projected a 2-million-user decline in the next. The streamer is set to release Q2 earnings next week. CNBC
It’s not an ad-supported subscription, it’s a background-music-for-checking-your-phone-supported subscription.


Recently surfaced security video showed police officers — who arrived at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, three minutes after the gunman — waiting in the hallway for more than an hour before stopping the man who massacred 19 children and two teachers in a classroom. Though the slow response was already known to the public, this is the first time footage of that day has been shared. In the seven weeks since the shooting, Uvalde residents have called for explanations from authorities about the police response, and the 80-minute video published this week by the Austin American-Statesman renewed cries for accountability. AP


After former Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled the country following chaotic protests over the island nation's economic crisis, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe took over as acting president. Wickremesinghe immediately declared a nationwide state of emergency and called for a curfew after protesters stormed his office, but later canceled the order. Independent since 1948, the country of 22 million is facing its worst-ever financial crisis as the price of basic goods skyrockets. CNN
Protesters carry national flags to the acting president's office building. [AP Photo/Eranga Jayawardena]


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized Novavax's Covid-19 vaccine, which would make it the fourth vaccine available for Americans over 18 years old. Novavax’s vaccine is protein-based, so it is easier to store than Moderna's or Pfizer’s mRNA-based vaccines. The Novavax shots — which the FDA says are 90% effective in preventing new Covid cases — are given in two doses about three weeks apart. The CDC, though, must first issue its own recommendation, which is expected after its advisory committee meeting Tuesday. The Biden administration has more than 3 million doses ready for distribution. NBC NEWS
Novavax protein-based vaccines: the official vaccine of meatheads.


Packed planes and higher fares boosted Delta Air Lines’ revenue to pre-pandemic levels, but the $735 million it earned in the second quarter fell short of Wall Street expectations, causing its shares to fall nearly 4.5%. Delta struggled with rising fuel prices and the cost of canceling more than 4,000 flights in May and June. The airline is also bearing the costs of hiring thousands of workers — and it expects to pay $700 million in overtime and premium pay through the end of the year — and trimming its schedule to run more smoothly. Delta predicts higher revenue but reduced passenger capacity in the third quarter compared with Q3 2019 — a sign that Delta expects higher fares to remain in place. CHEDDAR NEWS
We would never be disappointed with $735 million in profits.


Speaking of travel … now that the U.S. dollar and euro are worth nearly the same amount, is it the perfect time for a European getaway? It appears so, as purchases made with the euro are about 15% cheaper than they were this time last year. However, heading to Europe isn’t a guaranteed home run, as Covid cases are rising, and the cost of flying is trending upward. Cheddar News’ Lawrence Banton spoke with Christopher Vecchio, head of commercial integration and senior strategist at DailyFX, who said that, although lovers of French wine and Italian cheeses have a generational chance to pounce on low prices, the cheapest way to travel remains domestic. CHEDDAR NEWS


A new report from GLAAD shows that social media platforms are failing to stop hate against LGBTQ users. GLAAD, or The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, said platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are revealing few details about how often they take down posts or accounts that push hate speech or harass the LGBTQ community. To remedy the issue, GLAAD recommended that the social media sites start releasing their content moderators’ training methods, as well as the number of accounts and posts that are removed for violating rules designed to protect LGBTQ users. AXIOS


The judge in the defamation case involving actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ruled against Heard's argument for a new trial, after Depp won a $10 million verdict against her. Heard's lawyers argued that one of the jurors was not properly vetted by the court, but the judge found no evidence the juror “prejudiced” Heard in any way and ruled that Heard’s claim that the juror took the place of his father of the same name was invalid. The judge also said Heard’s legal team could have raised the issue earlier but is only making the argument now because the actress lost the case. THE GUARDIAN
Just when we thought we Heard the last of this trial, it goes even more in Depp.


As many as 31 new emojis could be coming to iPhones and Androids next year, including a shaking face, pushing hands and a donkey. The announcement of the Emoji 15.0 — the 15th update to the beloved pictograms — comes ahead of World Emoji Day on Sunday. The draft list of 31 recommendations is significantly shorter than the 112 unveiled in 2021 and 334 in 2020. Candidates also include new hearts, a wing, a jellyfish, ginger, a hair pick, maracas, a flute and a Khanda — the symbol of the Sikh faith. EMOJIPEDIA

Q&A with Cheddar Anchor Shannon LaNier

Wake Up With Cheddar is getting a fresh new look and a top-notch team of anchors to bring you the biggest news of the day. All week long, we've acquainted you with the Wake Up anchors through some Q&As.
The final anchor featured in our Q&A series is Shannon LaNier, a seasoned on-air veteran and viral social media sensation known for his hilarious dad antics. And would you believe it if we told you Shannon traces his lineage back to Thomas Jefferson? He's a ninth-generation descendant of the third president of the United States. A great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Jefferson, LaNier describes himself foremost as a family man who loves the outdoors.
Here’s a sneak peek of our Q&A with Shannon:
Q: Have you adjusted to waking up so early for the morning show?
Shannon: You never get used to these hours. You just learn how to cope with them more, especially when you have three kids. They're never trying to go to bed on time. …The most shocking thing about my morning routine is I don't drink coffee. Everyone is always shocked about that. CHEDDAR NEWS