In this episode of Generation Trader, sponsored by E*TRADE, Cheddar's Hope King and Baker Machado take a look at this year's Super Bowl. They explore the top advertising moments, and how companies are using this opportunity to captivate consumers.

The Philadelphia Eagles took home the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the 52nd Super Bowl, defeating the New England Patriots to capture their first Super Bowl title. Companies reportedly spent $5 Million for a thirty-second spot to capture viewers between the plays Sunday Night.

One major advertiser again this year was Pepsi. One of the game's most talked about commercials featured two of the company's brands, Doritos and Mountain Dew. The ad showcases a singing battle between Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, and actor Morgan Freeman, lip syncing to Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot.

Procter and Gamble's Tide commercials were some of the most well-received during Sunday night's game. The detergent brand purchased several spots featuring Stranger Things actor David Harbour, with a message "Every Ad is a Tide Ad."

Stocks are down across the board Monday, and these companies highlighted fell like the rest of the market. There are a lot of factors you should take into account when deciding where to invest, and we will see how these marketing campaigns will impact performance in the future.