Photobucket CEO: Earning Consumer Trust Is About Communication

December 10, 2019
In an age of data scandals and user privacy breaches on Big Tech, Photobucket is focusing on keeping consumer trust.
Ted Leonard, CEO of the photo storing and housing platform, told Cheddar it comes down to "just constant and transparent communication." With this mission in mind, Photobucket has put out its own Bill of Rights for members.
"This was a really simplified approach to sort of telling people what we were going to do," Leonard said. "And I think in terms of doing the right thing, doing the right thing means acting on what you believe in. So that's why we came out with our Bill of Rights, because it's simple to read and it's easily communicated to the consumers."
One of the most notable user data headlines in recent years is the Cambridge Analytica scandal involving millions of Facebook ($FB) accounts' information. Leonard offered some advice for the social media giant in light of the misuse and mishandling of user data.
"I think inherently there's going to be a cohort that will lack trust but will continue to use Facebook," Leonard said. "But we sort of say it's on us as tech companies and want to put it on Facebook to say, 'hey, let's try to win back that trust.'"
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