21st Century Fox, Square, Roku, and Tribune Media all reported earnings today, and Cheddar brought viewers all the latest. First up was 21st Century Fox. The company beat on revenue coming in at $7 billion versus an estimated $6.8 billion. It also beat on earnings per share reporting $0.49 versus estimates of $0.48. Eyes were on the company as reports swirl that 21st Century Fox is in talks with Disney for a possible acquisition. Square also beat on earnings, with both revenue and earnings per share. Square reported revenue of $257 million, above estimates of $244.95 million. Earnings per share followed a similar route by reporting at $0.07 compared to estimates of $0.05. The innovative payment processing company saw a spike in October after the company announced its "Square Financial Services" application, which runs like a bank and can offer loans to small and medium-size businesses. Roku also beat on earnings. The company reported revenues of nearly $125 million compared to estimates of about $110 million and a loss of earnings per share of $0.10 compared to the estimated loss of $1.39. Shares of the newly-public company jumped more than 25 percent on the news. And finally, Tribune Media missed on earnings. The media company reported revenues of $450.5 million compared to estimates of $461.08 million. And on earnings per share, the company reported $0.31 compared to estimates of $0.37. Eyes are on the media company as its acquisition by Sinclair Broadcasting moves on.