Movie studio A24 is auctioning off props from the hit film Everything, Everywhere All At Once to raise money for laundry workers, asian mental health, and transgender rights.  
Up for auction will be a number of items from the multiverse-spanning movie, such as a Dierdre's IRS ID card, Jobu's Elvis costume, and an instantly recognizable "Auditor of the Month Trophy." 
In addition, one of the film's most iconic visual gags — which takes place in an alternative universe where everyone has hot dogs for fingers — is represented with a pair of "Hot Dog Hands" and a pair of "Knitted Hot Dog Finger Gloves." Plus, the Raccacoonie puppet itself will also be up for bidding.
If you're a fan of the genre-bending, dimension-hopping film, all of these references will make sense. If you're not, then maybe you'd just like to support a good cause. 
One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to three different charities, including the Laundry Workers Center, Transgender Law Center, and the Asian Mental Health Project
A24 held similar auctions for popular films such as Uncut Gems and The Lighthouse.