Andrew Hawkins, transportation reporter at The Verge, discusses Elon Musk's latest endeavor: to restore power to Puerto Rico. Musk spoke with Puerto Rico's governor over the weekend about how the island's power infrastructure could be rebuilt using solar technology. Musk also announced he would push back the unveiling of the much-talked-about Tesla semi truck to focus on restoring power to Puerto Rico and affected areas. We talk about the influence such a project might have on the U.S. attitude toward solar. Hawkins notes that if Puerto Rico's Powerwall is successful, as long as states like California continue to incentivize solar and electric initiatives, the popularity of the power source will continue to grow. Even if an island like Puerto Rico gets 50% of its power from solar, that could be a huge deal for the future widespread adoption. We talk about the ambitious and grandiose nature of all of Musk's projects, including his planned colonization of Mars, semi-truck unveiling, and big plans for SolarCity.