Grace Byers' character Anika has seen plenty of twists and turns during her four-season run on "Empire," but it's the actress' own childhood that inspired her to write her first children's book. Byers joins Cheddar to discuss what she hopes young people get out of "I Am Enough."

She takes us back to her years growing up in the Cayman Islands as a multiracial child of hearing-impaired parents. Despite featuring illustrations of female characters, Byers says the book is meant to empower children of all genders. She recounts a story of a near-death experience and how it changed her outlook on life. The star also tells us what it's like playing a character prone to bullying others.

"Empire" shattered expectations for what's possible from a network television show. Byers reveals whether she thinks the series is changing the model for success in the streaming era. She also gives her take on what the series finale might entail at some point down the road.