By Chloe Aiello

The founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs and serial entrepreneur Lavinia Errico knows the value of physical fitness. Along with her brothers, she founded one of the most recognizable names in luxury fitness today. But even Errico admits there are limits to the power of a decent workout regimen ー in fitness and otherwise.

"You can be incredibly fit and incredibly unhealthy. I think where we are going, people are going to realize that in order to be healthy, you have to be spiritually healthy, mentally healthy, emotionally healthy, and physically healthy," Errico told Cheddar Thursday.

"I think that's going to be the movement," she added.

That's the spirit that helped Errico grow Equinox into the buzziest name in the business ー and it's not dissimilar to the message she'll communicate when she takes the stage at Girlboss Rally, a conference for female entrepreneurs.

She told Cheddar some of her top tips for entrepreneurs:

  • Find what ignites your passion: Wishing just won't cut it for entrepreneurs. "A wishful desire does not catapult you into action. But when it is a burning desire that comes from you, you're unstoppable," Errico said.

  • ** Take control of your mind:** The mind is powerful ー for better or for worse, Errico said. If entrepreneurs take control of their minds, live in the present, and stay away from self-doubt, things will fall into place. "When you can take control of your mind, all of a sudden things start shifting," she said. "Confidence becomes."

  • Get gritty: Just as working out and eating healthy require dedication, success in a business venture necessitates discipline and hard work, Errico said. "You have to have unbelievable persistence and discipline. You have to get strong, you have to get grit," she said.

  • 4. Do what you love (and are good at): When starting Equinox with her two brothers, Errico said they each tackled parts of the business that represented their individual strengths and passions. One brother took on real estate and investment, the other design, and Errico focused on the fitness itself. "Each one of us really got to focus on what we wanted to do, and I think that's also part of the magic," she said.

  • 5. Lay a strong cultural foundation: When building a brand, construct a strong culture to lay foundations for the future. "Equinox's foundation was so solid, their core, their culture. When we sold that company, the culture was so embedded there ... and your people are your culture," Errico said.

Errico will take the stage twice on Saturday at the fourth annual GirlBoss Rally in Queens, N.Y., to speak with entrepreneurs about the trials and tribulations of starting up ー and staying up.

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