Europe Brings Levi's and OJ to the Tariff Fight

March 7, 2018
Updated 7mo ago

If President Trump’s proposed tariffs on steel and aluminium go into effect, Europe could drag blue jeans and breakfast beverages into the ring, according to Joseph Sternberg, the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Page Editor for Europe.

“The EU is going to focus on trying to find ways that they can retaliate without damaging the EU economy itself,” explained Sternberg.

Early on Wednesday, the European Union released a list of American goods that it could tax, including Levi’s jeans, orange juice, and motorboats.

“That list is worth about $3.5 billion each year,” Sternberg said. “The point here is to try to send this message that the U.S. isn’t the only trading country in town here.”

More broadly, the tariffs could also decrease foreign investment into the U.S., said Sternberg.

It could start “affecting the willingness of European companies to invest in the U.S. and those companies are creating a lot of American jobs too.”

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