Events Around the World That Should Be on Your Bucket List

April 3, 2018
Updated 7mo ago

Everyone has a personal bucket list. But Airbnb has a few things you might want to add to yours.

The latest issue of the home rental company’s magazine handpicks carnivals and festivals around the world that are worth traveling to this year, ranging from Coachella to a cheese chase in the UK to a massive water fight in Thailand.

The Songkran water festival, how the country rings in the New Year, ranks high on the list, explained Laura Brounstein, special projects director at Airbnb Magazine.

“It’s this huge water fight,” she told Cheddar. “The whole idea is to cleanse away the misfortunes of the year before.”

Also on the list is the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake in Gloucestershire, UK.

“This is inexplicable but it is a 100-year tradition where people chase a nine pound wheel of double Gloucester cheese down a hill,” said Brounstein.

The history behind this festival is unclear, but “it’s sort of like a springtime festival marking the spring harvest.” The winner takes home the cheese.

Other festivals on Airbnb’s list include Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat Race, the World Cup, and New York’s Pride Parade.

The latest issue of Airbnb Magazine is available now online.

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