Exclusive: Gen!us to Open Flagship Dispensary in Los Angeles for Creative Cannabis Users

August 20, 2019

California is adding another cannabis brand to its ever-saturated market — but this one is focused on helping users unleash their creative potential. Gen!us brand is on the way to opening its flagship dispensary on Melrose in Los Angeles, where creatives can find the perfect product to fit into their lifestyle.

"We wanted to design products that really kind of help you reclaim your genius," Gen!us CEO Chris Clifford told Cheddar Tuesday in an exclusive interview. "Cut through all the stress that comes with a high-performance lifestyle and tap back in."

The company will collaborate with select 'geniuses' to help show people how cannabis can help them with their own lifestyles. Playing on lifestyle as a large part of its marketing strategy, Gen!us wants to connect with the consumer through cannabis. Product still remains chief in the company's methods, targeting certain strains to 'unlock genius.'

"We needed to ground ourselves in product and tell that story through our strains," Clifford said. "We do have strains designed, curated, and sourced specifically to unlock that genius."

As education becomes a common theme in the cannabis industry, one consistent message is this: weed affects everyone differently.

Clifford somewhat challenges this notion — saying that when it comes to strains, most people feel the same expected effect.

"Generally, the industry is perceiving a strain in a specific way," Clifford said. "Your experience with that strain is going to be your experience, but the greater population is experiencing it in a very similar way."

Gen!us aims to be an approachable brand for newbies and experienced canna-sseurs alike. Breaking down the stigma surrounding cannabis is an uphill battle, but Clifford thinks people's stories about their relationship with cannabis can humanize the industry.

"The goal of our brand is to tell those stories in a more mainstream light," Clifford said. "I think the industry is doing an excellent job and our goal is to do the same. We can showcase these genius people, that have been these closeted stoners, using cannabis in their daily routine — and what better platform to have than a brand called Gen!us?"

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