As the U.S. inches closer to the summer traveling season, the Federal Aviation Administration is looking to avoid another season of mass delays.
A shortage in air traffic controllers and overall staffing at airports caused multiple travel delays since the early days of the pandemic. As a fix, the FAA is implementing a few guidelines it hopes will make flying a bit more seamless. 
In New York City and Washington, DC, airlines will have reduced flight slot requirements during takeoffs and landings in an effort to cut down congestion. Slots provide airlines the right to enter and exit specific airports at designated times.
Despite the plan, the agency said it still expects the rate of delays to jump 45 percent from 2022.
The FAA is also leaning on airlines to help navigate the delay issue and will host a brainstorming summit. 
Delta Airlines said it supports the agency's efforts to clear up congestion at airports.
"Delta is reviewing our network to ensure the best customer experience throughout the summer travel season, and we are committed to working with the FAA on measures to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations at the NY/NJ airports," the airlines stated according to CNBC.