By Amanda Weston

Facebook doesn't report its latest earnings until Tuesday, but some analysts are already predicting a drop in the numbers amid security concerns and waning popularity among the platform's younger users.

Chris Versace, chief investment officer at Tematica Research, predicted on Cheddar Monday that its quarterly earnings report will put Facebook ($FB) at $1.47 per share, down from $1.59 last year.

Tuesday's earnings will follow a slew of critical headlines including hacks affecting millions of users and the rampant spread of misinformation on the platform.

Versace said ramping up security has been a "huge driver" for Facebook ($FB).

"There is even some speculation that Facebook might step in and buy a very large cybersecurity company ー Fortinet or some of the others that are out there ー in order to really jump-start its efforts to protect its user base, its content creation," Versace said.

Versace said Facebook needs its users to think the social platform is "impenetrable" so they continue to trust it with sensitive information and online payments. "So to me, it's a huge ramp, and it's one that they need to do," he added.

Another challenge facing the social media giant is declining interest and use among teens. A Piper Jaffray survey reported only 36 percent of teenagers use Facebook at least once a month, putting it in fourth place among rival social media platforms.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, hit 85 percent, beating Snapchat ($SNAP) and securing first place.

"You're talking about Instagram, which is increasingly becoming the go-to product for Facebook," Versace said. "It doesn't have anywhere near the amount of issues that we've heard about from Facebook proper, and it is the platform of choice for teens and tweens and younger adults. So that's the platform they want to monetize."

But it hasn't been entirely smooth sailing for Instagram, with its founders stepping down amid reported tensions with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

"Why the hiccup now?" Versace asked. "That is certainly going to raise some questions about the guidance that they're going to give for that business, if they give any."

Facebook will set the earnings stage for Apple ($AAPL), which is scheduled to release its quarterly earnings on Thursday after market close.

A FactSet survey reported analysts expect Apple will earn $4.92 per share, up from $3.89 last year.

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