By Conor White

With only one chance to make a first impression, jobseekers would do well to hone their social media profiles before ever stepping into an office for an interview.

"The way that we look at it is your public profile is really like your resume," said Francesca de Quesada Covey, Facebook's head of jobs and service partnerships. "It's information you want to share."

Job candidates can share ambitions, skills, and job pitches in real time, and receive direct feedback from hiring managers via Facebook's Messenger app, de Quesada Covey said in an interview Monday with Cheddar.

"We have 80 million businesses on the Facebook platform, and we see that 1.6 billion people are connected with businesses," she said. "So we know there's a lot of opportunity there to connect people and businesses."

Many Facebook users may be reluctant to share after it was revealed that 87 million of them had their personal information compromised in the Cambridge Analytica data breach. De Quesada Covey said she understands some people are skittish.

To ease concerns, the social network has introduced new protections for jobseekers. A "view as" feature lets users see what personal information is available when someone else views their public profile. This allows jobseekers to know exactly what potential employers will see.

"We're putting privacy in control of the people using Facebook, because privacy is one of the most important things we're doing at Facebook right now," she said.

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