By Max Godnick

TV is ready for summer to end already.

In an era that's seen TV supplant movies and dominate water cooler talk, the past few months marked a return-to-form for cinema, with blockbusters "Avengers: Infinity War," "Mission: Impossible ー Fallout," and "Crazy Rich Asians." Box office sales were up 13.6 percent, compared to last year's historic lows.

But as Labor Day fast approaches, and blockbuster releases dwindle, networks and streaming platforms alike are ready to recapture the cultural conversation with new shows ready for the binge-watching.

Emily Longeretta, Us Weekly's TV Editor, joined Cheddar on Tuesday to preview some of the season's most anticipated new series.

The Conners (ABC): Premiering October 16

"Roseanne" is back ー only without Roseanne. Roseanne Barr's allegedly Ambien-induced Twitter session forced ABC to cancel its revival of the classic 90s sitcom. But with massive audiences that rivaled the Oscars telecast and hundreds of crew members out of work, the network couldn't just give up on its industry-changing smash. Enter "The Conners," which will resume the "Roseanne" story minus its eponymous star.

Emily's Take: "I wouldn't be surprised if, especially for the premiere, people tune in. People will want to know, what happened to Roseanne? How will they cover her character being gone all of a sudden when she's the main character of the show?"

(Spoiler: John Goodman revealed to The Sunday Times that his TV wife will be killed off. Emily says that might not necessarily be true and that the cast hasn't seen the script yet.)

A Million Little Things (ABC): Premiering September 28

"This Is Us" proved last year that the ensemble family drama is alive and well ー and lucrative. And now, networks are on the hunt for the next tearjerker. Ron Livingston of "Office Space" fame, leads a cast of recognizable forty-somethings whose lives become intertwined after an old friend passes suddenly.

Emily's Take: "This is definitely one of the top-rated pilots that I've seen, it's definitely on my list of must-watch for the season. It's a very strong ensemble. It pulls at your heart strings the same way that 'This Is Us' does, but don't expect to just be crying the whole time."

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix): Dropping October 26

The reboot mania continues on Netflix with a darker take on the iconic Archie Comics character. Fans of Melissa Joan Hart's 1990's Sabrina may not warm to Kiernan Shipka ('Mad Men') immediately, but the combination of high school drama, supernatural forces, and nineties nostalgia should conjure up a hit.

Emily's Take: "This is a new story. It's not something that we've seen before. It's scary, it's dark, it really goes through her as she's just about to turn 16, learning that she's a witch, and trying to figure out how to juggle that with being also a high-school teenager who has a boyfriend that she likes."

**Kidding (Showtime): Premiering September 9 **

Jim Carrey is the latest movie star to cross over into television with this dramedy about a children's television host whose plastered-on smile fades when his family implodes. Showtime hopes to capitalize on the momentum of the Fred Rogers story "Won't You Be My Neighbor", which surpassed $20 million at the box office, and that Carrey's take on a similar character will be an awards contender for years to come. A reunion with "Eternal Sunshine" director Michel Gondry won't hurt, either.

Emily's Take: "I think that this will be a big hit. I think anything Jim Carrey does, people want to tune in to see what it's going to be like because he is such a unique actor and he takes on roles very differently than most people. We haven't seen him do anything like this in a while."

American Horror Story: Apocalypse (FX): Premiering September 12

Ryan Murphy's horror franchise has been scaring audiences since 2011, long before "Fargo" and "True Detective" popularized the anthology model. The new season brings back Murphy regulars Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Emma Roberts alongside newcomer Joan Collins for the franchise's eighth installment.

Emily's Take: "We really don't know what this is about, but we know that it's going to be much more twisted ー which I don't know anything can be more twisted than Ryan Murphy's usual things, but I think he continues to raise the bar."

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