FAT Brands has M&A on the mind. And it's in the market to add sandwich, pizza, coffee, and dessert brands to its growing portfolio.

"In terms of products, we have burgers, we have chicken, we have steak. You know if we had sandwiches, pizza, coffee, dessert those would be complementary brands," FAT Brands ($FAT) CEO Andy Wiederhorn told Cheddar on Friday. "We'd like to round out our product categories also, because then we have everything to offer our franchisees when they want to open in a city."

FAT Brands reported fourth quarter earnings on Tuesday that disappointed Wall Street. Wiederhorn underscored strong same store sales growth at the flagship Fatburger brand, and added that the company will continue to execute on its plan to acquire new brands and expand the brick-and-mortar footprint of its existing brands.

"We just need to execute more. Our royalties are very stable and strong, and so I think the stock will recover nicely over time," Wiederhorn said.

FAT Brands also announced on Wednesday that its signature fast-casual burger chain Fatburger would rebrand to Skinnyburger ー just in time for April Fool's Day. Many brands; including Burger King, Petco, and Rent the Runway in past years, have gone out of their way on April Fool's to playfully prank their customers.

Wiederhorn insisted it was a move meant to address growing customer demand for more health-conscious products.

"We've decided to change the name of the Fatburger brand to Skinnyburger to meet the demands of our customers," he said, later teasing, "It's a Friday before Monday, see what happens on Monday ... It is the first of April, you can imagine the hate mail I'm getting over this name change."

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