Finance and banking have traditionally been male-dominated fields, but women are breaking through and proving they belong. Libby Leffler, VP of Membership at SoFi, and Alexandra Taussig, Senior Vice President of Fidelity Investments, were with us to discuss how women can make their way up the ranks in the banking world.

Taussig oversees a team that encourages women to get more financially engaged. She explains the factors holding women back. Taussig said women don't typically consider themselves investors and believe they are too busy. She added that women tend to be less confident than men about investing, despite research that shows women achieve better earnings. "Like Warren Buffett, women tend to buy and hold," said Taussig.

SoFi is focused on making investors feel more confident and educated about investing. Leffler said that female members of SoFi are worried about more than just money. Part of being a SoFi member means you get a career coach, as well as access to 400 plus network events throughout the year. Leffler shared how these events are helping millennials take control of their finances.