Michael Wolff's new book, "Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House" was released today, well ahead of schedule. News and energy around the book are high, especially for a non-fiction book. While the book focuses on Trump and how he runs his White House, some argue that the biggest losers from the book may be former White House adviser Steve Bannon.

Kurt Bardella is an opinion contributor at USA Today. The former Breitbart News contributor has since left the publication and also the Republican party. Bardella joins Cheddar to explain why this book could mean the end of many aspects of Bannon's career. Since excerpts have been released, Bannon and Trump have had a public falling out, the Mercer family has seemingly written him off, and his position at Breitbart is in jeopardy.

Bardella notes that Trump also has a lot to lose from the book. Some of the more shocking accusations and tidbits revolve around the President's mental health. Bardella believes its a matter of time before those allegations are looked at more seriously.