Ford debuts its new "smart vehicle, smart world" at CES in Las Vegas. Alyssa Julya Smith met up with Sherif Marakby, Vice President of Autonomous Vehicles & EV at Ford, to discuss when the company will be hitting the road with its self-driving cars.

Earlier this year Ford teamed up with Domino's to deliver pizza to Michigan customers in driverless cars. Marakby discusses what went into making that experiment a successful one. Everything from which side of the car the touchpad should be on, to whether or not to integrate voice.

Plus, what is the future of smart cities and what are the challenges? Marakby says the biggest challenge in autonomous driving is parking. Most cities don't have enough curb accommodations for a fleet of self-driving cars to succeed. He said that Ford will be testing a fleet of self-driving cars in a new city, to be announced later this year.