Kathy Ireland is more than just a model, she's a businesswoman with a $2.6 billion lifestyle company. She joins Cheddar to discuss her newest projects and how she's appealing to the millennial demographic. Ireland launched her company "kathy ireland Worldwide" in 1993 after spending a decade as a model. She says design and business have been a dream of hers since she was a child. Her lifestyle brand now includes fashion, fine jewelry, intimate apparel, skincare, accessories, weddings, and home and office goods. She recently teamed up with furniture designer Michael Amini to launch a collection for millennial consumers. The line is described as "affordable luxury." Ireland says transparency is the key to appealing to a younger demographic. Ireland will be honored by the Los Angeles Team Mentoring group with the "Dream Big" Award. The mentoring program has been around for 25 years. She discusses some of her mentors throughout the years.