Bill de Blasio, who served as mayor of New York City for eight years, recently wrote for The Atlantic about how President Biden could learn from the mistakes he made in his two terms. Speaking to Cheddar News, de Blasio discussed some of the lessons he learned that could translate to the White House. "One of the things I say in The Atlantic piece happened to me is I mistook policy for popularity. The president is a creature of Washington, and I think behind closed doors, he is creating a lot of the right policies -- and then he comes out and talks about them in kind of policy-wonk terms," he said. "And what people need right now, I think, is much more the big picture, the strategy, the where we are going. Not, here's one policy, here's another." The former mayor also touched on Biden's efforts on COVID, Ukraine, Roe v. Wade, and the issue of crime in New York City.