Former WWE Superstars Nikki and Brie Bella Tackle the Beauty Industry

September 6, 2019

The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, dominated the WWE, but now the duo is taking on a whole new challenge ー the beauty industry.

"We've always represented and embodied being feminine and strong, and I feel like everything we've done in the ring, outside of the ring has been so strong and fierce," Nikki told Cheddar Friday, "I always wanted to be in the beauty and body industry because that brings out my feminine side that I love so much."

The twins say their grandmother's emphasis on hair and skin care started when they were young and inspired them to launch their beauty line Nicole + Brizee. "My grandmother was always about hydrating your skin, start doing anti-aging now ー at four ー because you will be grateful when you are older," Brie said.

They say the brand represents beauty from the inside-out and hope that is the image their products project. "The outside of it, our packaging, we wanted it to be very fearless and empowering, and give that message of your vision board everyday when you get into that shower," Nikki said.

The twins' loyal fans ー known as The Bella Army ー have followed Nikki and Brie from the ring to more recent pursuits, so they wanted to make sure their products were accessible. All items in the line sell for under $20.

Since retiring from wrestling, the Bella twins have also tackled the wine and apparel industries, and fans can also engage with them through a Q&A feature of The Bellas Podcast.

"We share it all," Nikki said of their podcast. They say they aim to make it feel like happy hour ー they open a bottle of wine, kill tabloid rumors, and spill the tea on recent drama.

Followers can also catch the Bella Twins on television, as E! renewed their hit series 'Total Bellas' for a fifth season.

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